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Frequently Asked Questions

What is obvious to one person, is not always obvious to another.

The questions and answers that follow have come straight from the mouths of our customers. Hopefully they will help to answer some of your questions, but if they do not, feel free to contact us

Q1. Do you hold these products in stock?

A. We hold some products in stock however not all. Once you have placed an order the Sales person will acknowledge your order and provide an expected delivery date. If that date exceeds one week, the device will be sourced from overseas.

Q2. How do I order an RF terminal?

A. As specific mobile computing devices are manufactured to many differing specifications, our sales team will need to ask a few questions regarding the purpose of the device. This will enable the correct build to be specified. To proceed with the order, please go to the contact so our sales staff can help you through this process. Alternatively, proceed as directed to the device type you require within this store and follow the prompts. Our sales staff will then contact you regarding your requirements.

Q3. Is freight included in the price of the products advertised in your store?

A. When you order a product from the Dematic Real Time Logistics Store, you will be charged a freight component for local freight only. All international freight is captured within the product sale price.

Q4. The accessories that I ordered are no longer necessary, can I send them back for credit?

A. Most of our suppliers will not accept returns. In cases where they do the product needs to be unused and in its original packaging and the customer would be liable for restocking fees.

Q5. The accessory for my terminal cannot be found on your store. Where can I get it?

A. Not all accessories available for the RF computing devices that we sell are represented on this website. Should you require a product that is not represented on this site please contact our sales team via the Quote Request form and we will endeavour to source the product.

Q6. When I use this site to check products that I have ordered from Dematic, why do I not see all of my previous orders?

A. The Dematic Real Time Logistics Store order history will only list orders raised by your company that have been raised using this store. If your orders have been raised directly with our sales team, they will not be displayed on this site. To gain any information on orders placed with Dematic outside this site, please contact our sales staff directly.

Q7. Why do the prices that I checked last week differ from the prices in the store today?

A. Whilst we do endeavour to maintain our pricing the majority of the products that we sell are sourced from overseas suppliers. To ensure that you are charged the most accurate price, we adjust the exchange rate to make sure the prices reflect the exchange rate at the time.